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At the moment, gradients in logo design are extremely popular. For instance, Instagram changed their logo with adding gradient to it. Logos with gradients look impressive and modern. Bright and vibrant neon colours are usually used in creating web sites, icons and apps as well as for background.

Logotipo spalvu gradientai
Logotipas pozityvas negatyvas


From a distance these logos look heavy, almost like a solid spot. They have their meaning in shape rather than in colour. It is easy to adapt them: perfect for black and white printing or embossing them on product packaging.


It is getting popular to choose a logo with outline because it makes logo look heavier, connects different parts into one solid shape.

Logotipas metalo efektas


There is a new tendency to fill logo with gradient imitating metal rather that with  a solid colour. Yellow is used for gold and grey for silver. Stronger effect can be achieved by using textures. These kinds of logos are usually made for clothing or jewellery brands. They are also suitable for huge corporations or companies to express their reliability and long-term commitment to their customers. This is a perfect choice when a logo should be minimal or typographic (made only of letters).


Vintage,  mid-twentieth century style has gained unbelievable popularity. An icon or a logo with words around it reminds a stamp or a coat of arms. In most cases it contains company's incorporation year, which creates an impression that the company has a long history. Such logos are informative and decorative, therefore colours are not usually used.


Sans-serif fonts that had been popular for quite a while gradually gave way to serif ones. This happened  under the impact of the film industry, which has used font style since 1970s for movie posters and visual insights. Serif fonts don't suit everywhere, but they are valued for subtle shapes, which are clearly evident in the creation of typographic (just the letters) signs.


To achieve  quality typography, it is important to choose the right font for a logo. Even if the signs are minimal, this is not a drawback. Minimalism always looks good. For a logo, even a few colours or punctuation marks can give new meanings. The common choice is slant letters which are  associated with luck, optimism and leadership.

Tipografiniai logotipai
Logotipas nukirstos raides


It's nothing new to cut out a few letters in a logo. Most importantly it should be easy to understand. That's why, before finishing the project, you have to make sure that the text is easily readable.

Logo corrections



While resizing a logo, it becomes blurry and hard to understand. Logos in JPEG, PNG or other raster formats are not suitable for printing preparation. That's why a vector format is needed.

Vektorine rastrine grafika
Vektorinis logotipas

Download this vector picture (using a computer mouse move the cursor onto our logo, click the right button and select Save Picture As. Then choose where you want to put it and click Save). Try to resize it paying attention to its resolution which won't change. That's because we use SVG format.


How we can help: we will vectorize your logo, resize or rasterize it.




In typography, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually used to achieve a visually pleasing result. Sometimes a general view can be disturbing just because the font has bad kerning. The space between the letters can be too big or too small. But that does not mean that all spaces should be mathematically equal. A word in a logo should look optically balanced. Sometimes font itself has a bad kerning so it's important to make some corrections.


How we can help: we will correct your logo mistakes and make it look balanced.



Sometimes logo can look great on a printed paper or on a sticker, yet colours can slightly differ on the screen of a computer, laptop or mobile device. Consumers may see it as too bright or obscure. For instance, gold colour is a risky choice. When used with other colours, it might look too dark or muddy.

On the right side, there are different shades of gold colour. Try their look on various devices computer or phone screen) on our website.

Using a lot of colours can increase cost of the attributes (for instance, outdoor advertising production, printing on clothes, etc.)


How we will help: we will adjust colours, adapt files for using them on paper, plastic or fabric.

Logotipu spalvos

Logo design process


Before starting a new logo project, there are questions that need to be answered to find out company's aim, slogan and competitors. Clients should fill in the questionnaire. It summarises the information about a company, i.e. what kind of message they want to transfer, who is their target audience.


When all the questions are answered, it's time to get to know competitors. It's great if clients know what is happening in the market and how they want to differentiate themselves. After that, it's time to start looking for some logos. They can inspire and help to decide which style to choose.


Usually a client gets three (or more) options that they can choose from. Later decisions about colour and font are taken, and all the other necessary adjustments are made. Depending on complexity every logo has its own layout (mesh created especially for that one logo). If it's needed, a client gets visualisations how logo would look like in reality on a product, signs, website, etc.

We provide distance services.

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Logotipas pozityvas negatyvas
Logotipas metalo efektas
Vektorine rastrine grafika
Vektorinis logotipas
Logotipu spalvos
Logotipas pozityvas negatyvas
Logotipas metalo efektas
Tipografiniai logotipai
Logotipas nukirstos raides
Vektorinis logotipas